Foam Board & Card Mounting

We are able to offer most of our prints mounted on to 5mm Bio Foam Board. This option is available to choose on the drop-down 'Finish' list on each product page.

5mm Bio Foam Board

We use a 5mm mount board which is made from a bio-degradeable material. Using this finish, we print your file as normal then mount the print on to the board using a strong adhesive, heat and pressure. This finish is ideal for presentations and multi-day events, museum or art display cards. Please note that we are not able to post out mount board due to to the possibility of the board being damaged in transit - all mount boards must be collected from our Glasgow office.

Card Mounting

We have a small stock of card on which we can mount your print if you are looking for something thinner than the 5mm Bio Foam board. This option is non-standard and is entirely dependent on our Card stock levels. Please get in touch for more information