We already offer a range of laminates through our individual product pages from the drop-down 'Finish' list on each page. Here we have some further info on these and other products available:

Gloss Laminate

We can offer custom size lamination - recently we've laminated large project work banners (1m x 3m) for businesses and universities. We use a cold press roller laminator with a dry-wipe compatible gloss laminate. This provides a high quality, durable finish to your print and is ideal for groups who may need to attach notes to the document or write on the space with a dry-wipe marker.

Pouch Lamination

We have laminate pouches which provide a quick and cost-effective method for laminating small or multiple documents. From A4 up to A1 size, these pouches have a gloss finish on the front and matte on the back. The front can be used with dry-wipe markers from group work, office brainstorming activities, etc. To arrange for prints and Pouch Lamination please get in touch or pop in to the office.

Heat Activated Laminates

Returning customers may be familiar with our heat activated laminates. We have two options: Satin; Matt Satin. These Laminates are ideal for presentations and artwork where the glare from lights lay affect the visibility of the print. The Matte and Satin options limit the amount of glare reflected by fluorescent lighting.