Mounted 5mm Bio-Foam Board

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High quality Matt 120gsm paper prints mounted on 5mm Bio-Foam Board.

In response to customer feedback we are now stocking 5mm Bio-Foam Board. As more and more customers become conscious of the environmental impact creating large amounts of waste is having on landfill sites we are pleased to be offering you a green alternative.

  • Product Information
  • Biodegradable foam board will breakdown 100% within 1 to five years due to its unique “bio resin formulation”, whereas conventional foam board will not biodegrade for 80 to 450 years
  • Bio resins cause the discarded foam board to degrade in landfills or commercial composters once the foam is exposed to a bacteria rich environment
  • In addition there is no trade-off between the positive environmental attributes of biodegradable foamboard and its general performance
Due to it's size this product is not available for delivery and must be collected from out shop at 125 Candleriggs, Glasgow.